Fire Prevention Bureau

Northwest Homer Fire Prevention Bureau
Office Hours 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday
Phone 815-838-0180
Fax 815-838-0185
For bureau information contact Deputy Chief Todd Fonfara at our administrative offices at
the above number.

Contact the Bureau for the following information:

  • Application of the Building Code in our District.
  • Change of Occupancy.
  • Fire Watch Requirements.
  • If Your Building Has Been Stickered NOT APPROVED FOR OCCUPANCY.
  • Questions with your CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY.
  • Reports of Emergency or Unsafe conditions in our Fire District.
  • Home Safety Inspection Program.
  • Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Requirements
  • Violation Penalties
  • Is Your Home Fire Safe? We Can Check.

Home Fire Safety Inspections

If you live in our fire district you can take advantage one of our district's most valuable services at no cost to you. The ability to check your home for fire safety and recommed ways to correct any fire hazards. At the homeowners invitation our carefully selected and trained inspectors will conduct an inspection of your home which can help find hazards and provide a piece of mind for you. If every fire department provided residential inspections and used them to educational opportunities as well as for identifying hazards we could save thousands of lives a year. In addition to locating fire hazards in the home, we can heighten your awarenass of fire threat and teach life-saving precautions and emergrncy procedures.

Call and Schedule Yours Today 815-838-0180 Help Us Help You!

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